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Get somewhat hyped !

2014-07-16 06:30:28 by beerbird

About two of you know of my lousy RPG and the others go check the dusty ol'post about it

Why should you get hyped for you ask ?

Simple i'm going to resume my work into it and hopefully i'll get somewhere with it but, i can hint you a few things

  • ''Finisher Move'' : Each party member have a unique finisher once they reach 100TP for example the main hero get a very powerful strike that can land crits.
  • No linear storyline : I think that's how you say it but, anyway in short you get to choose the fate of someone that you'll find out about later.
  • Somewhat cool NPCs : ''Meeeeeeeh...'' Quote from the best NPC ever !
  • Music from NG : Yep that's right some featured artist are/could be in the game so far there is ;
  • Non-children-friendly stuff: Tits and ass you say ? There's plenty ! Just kidding there is none, only in dialogue.
  • Play the way you want !: The default ability of the main hero are based on Luck but, you can find more ability to tailor your play.

If this not enough hype for you then it's okay !

As you may recall i titled my RPG Lousy because that's what it is at the moment.

I made a few old versions you may want to try them, eh ?

By few i mean't this one only as the others were old and buggy and lamer then lousy.


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2014-07-16 08:14:37


beerbird responds:

So somewhat hype, eh ?