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I might keep writing things, dirty or otherwise.

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2015-02-07 10:44:44 by beerbird

So i may or may not had been gone for awhile from NG, i've been really busy for the past 4months, first thing that stop giving me time to be on here was the fact that i met my darling soon to be wife while playing a game i never expected to go back into, needless to say i did good going back on that game (Mabinogi).

Also um, i actually did forget about the erh... lovely story i mentionned on my last post which was. . . a little while back... anyway the story had been completed for a good chunk of time and is quite um, dirty i guess? Enough waiting, here's the story.

Rengar the cry baby

Please welcome in the fight, Shen Jax and Fizz VS Rengar Xin and Nid !

(Shen):So what should we be doing first, uh ?  [All](Rengar): MY TEAM IS SUCH NOOB OMG GG /ff 15 ! (Jax): Well that's just lovely. (Fizz): Let's totaly not focus him guys *wink*.
(Purple team as a whole): Ehehe..

Rengar decided to stand in the bush in order to gank the enemy team while his team would come from bot, but that did not end the way he wanted, as Shen came out of the bush using his E (Taunt dash thingy) forcing him to stab Shen, saddly for him he had hitten his Giant belt making his trousers fall on the ground revealing his private parts.[All](Nid): OMY GAWD FIZZ JAX FUCK BOTH OF YOU !. (xin and nid died in the background)

[All](Shen): Renguh looks like it's us versus you and it seems like you wanted to say something, eh ?. [All](Renguh): YES MY TEAM IS STIL... Before Rengar had time to finish his sentence Shen forced him onto his knee and placing his face in front his rock hard junk. [All](Nid & Xin): Looks like hes the one that really suck afterall Eheheh.

[All](Renguh): Shen pls don't do *Cough*. Once more Rengar could not finish his words but this time it was because Shen had forced him to tasty his Trinity Force. Right in the back of the throat giving him no chance to breath and out back. [Y'all](Shen): I think you know what you have to do now, eh ? (Jax): Um, dude the fuck... (Shen): What ? He asked for it right ? (Fizz): Well you are sort of right i guess. Rengar knew that he had no other choice but to start doing is duty.

He started from the long of his tongue beneath Shen's shaft, then right at the tip from where he started to insert his staff within his mouth, slowly whilst still using his tongue to lick the bottom of the head. The feeling of the lion's tongue made Shen unable to resist so he used his Q all over Rengar's face splattering most of his face in thick kitty cream. [Y'all](Shen): Oh my. . . never expected your tongue to feel so good. [All](Renguh): *Whine* IMMA TELL MY MOM *Crying intensifies*. [All](Nid): Oh hey looks like someone is being healed ;3. [ALL](RENGURH): ITS ONLY NOW DAT U HEAL ME YOU BITCH !. [All](Shen): Now now, my friend would also like to play with the kitty. [All](Jax): Looks like it's time for me to have some fun !

As Jax stepped forth he readied his hand to . . . BITCH SLAP THAT BITCH ! [ALL](RENGUH): WHAT THE FUCK MAN ! [All](Jax): What ? did you really expect me to hump you or something ? [All](Regnuh): Well put this way... i guess thank you ?. [All](Nid) Oh dear lawdy Jax thank you so much you don't know how long i was wishing for that to happen ! [All](Jax): I think i deserve a reward.

Nid barely even started to open her mouth to talk when Jax used his Q to leap onto her. Latched onto her he exposed her backside to everyone. Quickly he let his lantern light up showing it into the darkness of her rear end. Slowly entering into her lower back he'd quickly thrust in and out making her mad with rage. Sadly for Jax he could not enjoy her for long since he had almost knocked her down, so he pulled out and let his Gunblade shine.

[All](Nid): Omygawd is all over my back its so sticky ew. [All](Jax): Dont act you dont like it. (Fizz): Guys who do i get to bang ? (Shen): Eithers works really. (Jax): Xin is still dry you know. (Fizz): Not sure for you guys but i think i'll skip on this.

I've also wrote a short practice text story thingy and here it is, by the way that one is'nt "lovely".

New year story practicing

It's been ages, since i last wrote down in this journal of mine, what is there even to say,
many things, or, barely any things??

First i think it's best to start by the beggining. . .

I was born like everyone else, in an hospital, nothing out of the ordinary so far, untill,
she arrived, the nurse lady, she took me away, to where you may ask, well. . . to
somewhere, somewhere no one would ever ask to be.

I was locked up in a box from that day all the way to my fourth aniversery, the time the
box oppened i knew nothing was right in the world.

It was abandoned, the hospital, no one was there, beside hundreds upon thousands of
other boxes similar to mine, they were oppening at the same time as mine, but, most of
them were not able to survive, the stench it released, was not something i ever wanted
to remember and yet, everytime i think about that place, it comes back to me, i can feel
the shivers deep down my spine, my feets trembling, my hands shaking and my head
spinning, but these days, i simply ignore those feelings, so many things had happened
to me during my existence, too many...

Well, that was that, anyway,  sorry for not having posted in a good time, even if i'm fairly certain nobody even cares all that much about me, which is fine i really have no reason to be followed.

So, yeah, good day and all.

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