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Horrible pixels. . .

2013-12-19 08:31:26 by beerbird

Has anyone gotten bored of the large amount of pixel games and horror games ?

I sure have, pixel game can be great if the gameplay is good enough otherwise, there's not a whole bunch to it except graphics that i have seen over 8999 times already, i don't hate all of them in fact most of my favourite games are made out of pixel like Starbound but, now everyone just goes for pixels what's the point ? The last time i've had too much of something it took me nearly a year to even give a crap about it and i don't want that to happen with pixel game sure there's lots of them which just flat out sucks and looks too lazy to be justifed but, i like to look at those games that shines and admire it not too vomit. The point is just try to do something more then just that.


And then there's the ''horror'' games. . . Where to start ? They all look the same feels the same and plays the same, throw you in a pit of darkness sometime give you light or not and creepy sounds and random monsters encounter that gives you heart attacks because you've been sitting for 15minutes walking around, how's this amusing ? what's the point getting a scare ? If i want a scare i'll play one but, the amount there's out there just make me unable to trust which one is just another Slendertubbies or a good one like Amnesia it's far beyond the 50-50 now there's way too many awful one that i just don't care anymore hell i don't remember giving a crap about any of them.


I won't bother talking too much about these ''horror'' pixel game it's just so freaking terrible look at that one of many games that combine both it's a pain to play.


Anyhow if you got anything to share i'd be happy to read it.


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2013-12-19 15:23:27

I hear you loud and clear when you say that games that follow a 'pixel art' style seem to be favoured a lot in indie games and games on this site. It's quite ridiculous, seeing half the 'Featured' games in a pixel style, it makes me yearn for vector-based or 3D graphics again.

Having said that, I think it depends on how the artist uses pixel-art to creative effect that counts. If the style is TOO minimalistic, then it's obvious. I commented on an indie game developer's blog on this site, and he said (rather honestly) that the only reason he used pixel-art in his game was because it was 'easy to do'. That seemed to give him an excuse to make characters that had single-coloured matchsticks for legs with really basic animation that could be pulled off in PS in thirty seconds flat.

'Sword and Sworcery' (haven't played, I've just seen gameplay/screenshots of it) has characters that follow a really basic design, yet the animations, atmospheric sound effects and scenery are absolutely gorgeous.

It's kind of hard to describe in terms, but I think a game needs a reason to do pixel-art, or at least do it right, y'know? There's just something about this art-style that can make you clock whether it's lazily achieved...

...or done with epic amounts of time and effort (like ElkDarkshire's art on this site, for example.)

Now, on your point of horror games, I was unsure as to what you're getting at. There are certain games on NG like 'Deeper Sleep' that use pixel art, and they play like a dream and offer some darn unexpected moments (and also really predictable horror moments, like the typical 'creepy black-haired girl in a white gown advancing on you' thing.) I thought the point of horror games was to frighten you in the first place.

Lastly, I may be sounding like a hypocrite because I have succumbed to this alluring style of pixels myself in one of my artworks. But this was mainly to see if I could pull off the pixel look, and I did go for some realism for objects such as trees. I'm unlikely to do it again, haha.

Take care and thanks for the insightful post, it has really made me type a lot. :D

beerbird responds:

I'm glad you took time to answer my post.
And it is quite a lot of words indeed i've never typed much either i just got fed up with it and i had to let it out.