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Hello everyone again !

2013-12-04 23:27:10 by beerbird

Lately i became a bit more active on NG i started to review a bit more often and also to poke around.

And it fells good to be more active the only thing that i still would like to have is a full crew to work on some projects if you have skill in programing and or on animation and also on art that'd be great because that's what i need the most right now.

But anyway i'll be posting some more aswell but not too much, also the new blog thing like everyone is talking about looks pretty cool but i can't see if i ever make typos now so that is bad for me.

2036693_138621759622_V4V.jpgAlso here is a MS paint logo of the crew. Yes i made stuff with  MS paint


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2013-12-04 23:29:33


beerbird responds:

Yes, hello indeed.


2013-12-05 00:05:04

hi, beerbird! i am afraid i cannot offer help in programming or the like, as i have no experience in the field. i am simply dropping by your page, though i would like to see what projects you and your assembled crew produce.

beerbird responds:

Thanks for passing by.
So far we have a quite ambitious main project that will take up to 2 years but for we'll be focusing on side bet such as Flash movies and games.