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Hiring nearly anyone*

2013-08-28 03:03:10 by beerbird

Hello people of Newgrounds it is me beerbird the guy that nobody know the hell he is but anyway here is my idea ! and the reason why i need people is simple . . . It's quite a big project !

[Insert MMORPG Name Here !]

Is as the style of Wakfu as an overall but add up much more !

Main Feature :


Everyone start as the Adventurer class which is able to learn most of the basic skills which allow the player to unlock the class
and to upgrade the class as-well. For Example : the Adventure can go upon the Path of War which will unlock the Warrior and will
upgrade the Adventurer into a Warrior losing all Skill non-related to the Path (As exception later). For another quick example
the Player can combine certain Path Trees together to unlock a mixed Class.


Economy is driven mainly by the Player, they can buy/create Building such as shop, owning such building they can increase the
amount of thing to sell or/and mess around with price. The is Five main factory which produce certain thing like Weapon and Armour
or even furniture, they cannot be controled by player but they can buy-off player Raw/Advence material such as leather, which will
increase the amount of certain elements that can be purchased. There is a stock exchange with real money which can make player
trade money for Four or more in-game currency.


The Combat is a grid style where player start on an individual square and have to battle Monster and such, the is PvP tournement
for each 10 levels where player can earn Items or the local Currency, Player can buy mercs. which are A.I. companion that help out
anti-social Player or just peaple that like to have some extra chance of success (If they die they die for good !(Unless revived)).


Races and starting location can affect the Player play-style by quite a lot so they can try out another location next time.
There is up to 7 races including the main one (Elf,Dwarf,Orc,Human) and a few unique.
If a player start in a location the monster and NPC will be unique to the place.


Customization !
Player will have a load of selection to choose from, some Armour may have almost the same stats but can look better to the player.
They will be able to change the Character face like they feel including the starting outfit (So they can enjoy the way they look).

*Not everyone will be hired only those who have what it take which is rather low.


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2013-08-31 23:14:56

so anyone joined yet?

beerbird responds:

Sadly not a lot so far we are three, i'll need to poke around more often.


2013-09-02 15:18:39

so what is it u need for it

beerbird responds:

Pretty much anything would help


2013-09-06 22:32:03

I could do a bit of music. But I hate doing music without knowing what its for, Like if I made horror game music without knowing the set and the events so I couldn't create the proper tension. But still, I can go listen to some MMORPG audio to see what goes good with what and I can send you some clips if your interested.

beerbird responds:

Cool just one problem . . . Any kind of audio will only be useful during the final part right now everything is really basic but, feel free to help out on the ideas.