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I love this !

2013-05-19 04:31:43 by beerbird

So ever since i decided Hey fuck this i am done being a no one !
I feel great ! i commented some many video, art/audio and flash in general and most folks been quite friendly even when my review were very, well low scored but yet, ill still try to help out on the thing i don't and do like !
So anyway ill be surfing the new flashes all the time but i might not even bother saying hi ! simply because i am lazy also i don't play games anymore just to state this down quickly.
Also last thing ill probably keep pocking around for voice acting if you know any programs for that i would love to know note here i need a easy to use recording program nothing too complicated i get lost in a McDonald McPark or whatever its called.
(Basically i don't want to use more then 2 minutes to figure out how it work but ill still give it a try)


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2013-05-19 08:40:04

I hear audacity is what most beginning voice actors use.

beerbird responds:

Thanks ill look it out


2013-05-21 11:34:29

Sounds good! Audacity is what I use, not that I voice act, but it's easy to record with, and it has both basic and advanced filters if you need them.